Give Naked.

If enough people just like you donate small amounts to hand-selected causes, together we can change the world one “give” at a time. Please consider donating today. Give small, give often, give naked.


Give #97: Educational Help for a Single Mom and her Learning Disabled Son

This 14-year old boy has had some serious learning challenges in school and needs tutoring. Since grade school, his single mother has tried home-schooling and he has been enrolled in two different public middle schools. A counselor suggested a school that specializes in teaching in very small groups to help students overcome their learning deficiencies. He was approved […]

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Give #94: Help CVH help victims of the Carlton Complex Fires.

Chelan Valley Hope has asked us to put up a Give for funds that they will distribute to help those who have experienced loss due to the fires. As with all of our Gives, 100% of the funds we receive will go to the people in need. When many of us give just a little bit, […]

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